DPPC Providers


What are the Benefits of Being a DPPC Provider?

DPPC offers all of the benefits of a group practice with none of the drawbacks! 

As a DPPC provider, you would be able to run your own private practice in a safe, positive, collaborative, and ethical environment with like-minded professionals. 

Enjoy an in-house referral network, collaborative consultation, and training with other DPPC providers! 

Requirements for DPPC Providers

We are currently looking for fully-licensed professionals (Psychologist, LMFT, LPC, LCSW, etc.) who have their own practice.

As a DPPC provider, we expect you to practice in an ethical and principled manner and to represent DPPC and its providers in a positive and professional way. 

Because we are a collaborative group that values ethical practice, we have monthly office meetings to discuss a variety of issues related to DPPC and the field of psychotherapy. These meetings consist of case consultations, trainings offered by DPPC providers, ethical discussions, and general office information. 

As a DPPC provider, you will be expected to stay within your scope of practice. By utilizing our in-house referral network, you will be well-equipped to see clients within the realm of your professional competencies. 

At DPPC we believe in providing competent and ethical care for our clients. As such, as a DPPC provider, you will be afforded the opportunity to allow interns to shadow your sessions, in order to help mold the upcoming generation of competent and ethical therapists in our community. 

I've Been Thinking About Private Practice, but...

Have you been considering starting a private practice, but afraid to take that big step or don't even know where to begin? We are here to help! 

Our office is full of providers who have taken that big leap into private practice and we are eager to help like-minded professionals get started in their private practice! 

We can help with credentialing, EHR's, policies, training opportunities, support, general advice, and more! 

What Can DPPC Offer Me?

Doctors Park Psychological Center is a 2,400 sqft completely renovated and redesigned modern office space, located in a high-traffic area for medical offices! Located across the street from Onslow Memorial Hospital and adjacent to the Jacksonville mall, Doctors Park Offices offer ample parking, a clean and professional aesthetic and a safe location in the heart of Jacksonville! 

The office space includes a waiting area, 10 offices (from 100-170 sqft), group conference room, 4 restrooms (1 ADA compliant), and a kitchen/break room. 

Office amenities include: WIFI, FAX, utilities, use of group/conference room, website, separate work entrance/exit, cleaning, and print/scan/copy capabilities. 

Im Interested! What Do I Do Now?

Send an email to doctorsparkpsychologicalcenter@gmail.com to apply to be a DPPC Provider! 

Please include your resume/CV and the answers to the following questions: 

- Why do you want to be apart of DPPC?

- What license do you hold and how long have you been licensed? 

- What is your therapeutic focus/specialty? 

- What trainings/certifications do you hold within your focus/specialty?